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Conan: “SHOW ZERO” review(?)

First and foremost: CONAN PREMIERES IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!! BAHH!!!!!!!

To pre-game his TBS debut, Conan aired “Show Zero” on his blog at Here’s my review.

For a two minute show, I thought it was sweet. The only bad thing was that I expected it to be a full-length show and I ended up slamming half a bottle of champagne for the occasion, which resulted in taking a slew of pictures of myself wearing a Conan shirt.

Here’s the best one?

Either way, when he came on screen and I got to see his face hosting a talk show for the first time since Jay Leno re-claimed is douche-ism, I got very excited. I can’t wait for him to host a talk show again.  How about you?


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