jessie mahne
Dabbling in comedy, Muay Thai & communication-related jorbs until one of them kills me.

Holy LORD! Its been a while!

After saying “ef it” to the fitness/comedy blog I started a couple of years ago, I have decided to revisit and declare a Renaissance of my blogging (aka I AM BORED)!

Here’s what my blog USE to be:

  • I was at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI
  • I was writing about fitness tips and comedy thangs, which I might keep up amongst the madness.
  • I was young and immature.

Heres what my blog WILL be:

  • I am living in Marquette, MI until May 31st
  • I will write about stuff in my head and my life (which includes fitness tips and comedy thangs)
  • I am older yet still immature.

There you have it! Hopefully, I will treat this thing like a journal, recording the many species my thoughts create throughout my everyday life.

But, until then, keep it safe and legal!


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