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Dabbling in comedy, Muay Thai & communication-related jorbs until one of them kills me.

The Stand Up @ Mikey’s Skylight Room

Sept 8 at Mikey'sThe last time I performed stand-up was in January of 2007.  I decided that an almost two year hiatus was enough. I had to stop making up horseshit excuses for not performing stand-up.

So, after being offered a chance to perform stand-up at Mikey’s on Sept. 8, 2009, I accepted, and didn’t sleep for weeks trying to come up with an almost 100% brand new set.

Stressful as HELL, but also a really great deadline-meeting experience.

Sept 8

The performance came and went and it was SO FUN.  They even asked me to return for more 😀 !

If you happened to miss the live performance, I chose a few clips from my 20min set for you to view from my YouTube account:


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