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Skin care: Skin I.D. and coffee grounds


I am NOT an expert! The following information is based on personal experience. Please, use this advice as tips, motivation, and a foundation for yourself!

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If you’re like me when it comes to your skin, your genetics SUCK.  I spent my entire adolescence and young adulthood dealing with acne.  I went from Proactive and prescription medicine, to every treatment on this planet and NOTHING worked. And I mean NOTHING.  Then one day, I decided to jump online and fill out the profile for Skin I.D. because seriously, something HAD to work!! id1

If Jesus were a skin treatment, this would be it.

It has been a year since I have been using this stuff and it has been the ONLY thing that has worked. In fact, I have gotten A LOT of compliments on my skin throughout this past year, which has NEVER happened before. EVER. Since it has been a year, I feel that it is legit enough to share with the rest of you!!

So, long story short, if you are having acne problems, invest in Skin I.D.. The profile-creation process is fun and interesting, and the product is worth EVERY penny… which isn’t even that many pennies… its just under $40 and it lasts so long! There’s an option for them to send you a refill every month or so, but I totally use mine for at least 2 months. Its AWESOME and sooo economically efficient, which is a VERY important characteristic for this gal.

20080106_coffee_groundsAnother thing that I just started doing has been using my brewed coffee grounds as an exfoliate on my face.  I cleanse with my first step of Skin I.D., then I rub coffee grounds on my face, let it sit for 20 minutes, then use the last two products of Skin I.D. and my face feels like silk and looks so alive. Its phenomenal!!!

In conclusion, buy Skin I.D. and start being resourceful by using your brewed coffee grounds on your skin as an exfoliate.  And I’ll just say this in advance: “You’re welcome.”



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  1. skin care should be supported with a good rest and of course very good nutritional supplements “~;

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