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The Three Body Types


I am NOT an expert! The following information is based on personal experience. Please, use this advice as tips, motivation, and a foundation for yourself!

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The main problem with people’s workout plans is that they don’t understand their body type.  They need to know which exercises work best for them as well as the shape their bodies are able to get in.  I mean, you can certainly try to get to a specific “shape” if you work your ASS off, but if your body type doesn’t support that kind of development, then you must know that to prevent frustration and giving up on yourself.

Therefore, I want to briefly talk about the three body types, the benefits, and which workouts are best for them.


HOT DEETS: This poor guy… Endomorphs are “round and soft” people.  They easily gain fat and unfortunately can’t lose it easily either.  They also have a hard time building lean muscle.

THEIR WORKOUT & DIET: To be honest, this body type as to work their ASS off to get anywhere.  Since they are naturally suppose to be “thick,” its going to be difficult to get away from there.  Therefore, this body type needs to make sure to eat very clean (NO SUGAR, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, protein) and work out very hard in order to see results.

If I were an endomorph, I would spend a lot of time doing fat-burning cardio.  I’d start off with light paces and inclines, and work my way up to interval training once I get stronger.  Then, once I actually start shedding some poundage, I’d throw in some interval weight training to boost the metabolism and burn fat HARDCORE.


HOT DEETS: These people are lucky bastards and genetically blessed… well, according to today’s society.  This body type is naturally very slim and slender.  They can burn fat EXTREMELY easily but have a hard time building lean muscle.

THE WORKOUT: These are the people you see running for hours on the treadmill and it ACTUALLY working for them… THAT’S AN ILLUSION.  Sustained cardio actually doesn’t work at all. Ecto’s are just genetically “lucky” and can pull off only going for jogs as their workout because they can barely gain fat anyway.

Therefore, if these people want to be big and buff, they can definitely get there, but it will take a LONG TIME and a lot of muscle-gaining protein along the way.  So, if I were an ectomorph, I would stick to weight-training to strengthen my muscles and burn fat, and ultimately make me looked SHREDDED.  And, like I said, if I wanted to get stacked, I’d have to work my ass off and consume a lot of proteins to help build up bulk, for these types can’t really do it well.


THE DEETS: This is my body type.  Mesomorphs are the basic athletic build.  We can build muscle extremely easily, but unfortunately, we can also gain fat easily as well.  So, we basically have to always be busting our asses to keep lean.

THE WORKOUT: As a mesomorph, I found that sustained cardio does shit (as mentioned before).  Since I can’t burn fat easily at all, I want to do something that will murder me and target my fat cells instantly… INTERVAL TRAINING. For us, intervals (cardio and weight lifting) are pretty much the only thing that works.  In fact, I have been doing interval training for only a week and a half, and I am already seeing AMAZING results.  Seriously, these exercises and a clean diet WORK for us.

Which body type do you fall under??! What have you noticed works best for you?


3 Responses to “The Three Body Types”

  1. Jessie!

    This is an awesome site. Thank you so much for the resourceful information here. I look forward to staying connected!

    Berni 🙂

    • Hi Berni!!

      I’m so glad you like it! I hope I can be of some help to you!

      Let me know of any questions or concerns you have!! I’d be very happy to help you with them!!

      Talk to you soon!


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